Laden Classe takes its name from an old washing machine against which one of the members beat his head.

The washing machine is a metaphor for the group’s mix of art forms.

The laundry does not always comes out of the washing machine just as you expect it to…

Sometimes there are surprises and the garments are always mixed up in a unique random order.

The collective was formed in 2015, born from the centrifuge of its members’ artistic and life experiences.
The group uses hand-to-hand, Cyr wheel, trapeze, banquine, chinese pole, live music and theatre as bricks and mortar to create their on-stage language.

Leonardo Cristiani

Born in 1987. Juggler, clown,
performer and Cyr wheel acrobat.

At 14 he started to perform as a street artist. In the last decade he has taken part in a number of contemporary circus training projects including: “FAAAC” in France and Poland and the “FLIC” Circus School in Turin, Italy. From 2008 to 2009, Leonardo was part of the “Jonglorsion” project (Butoh dance and juggling) run by Jean Daniel Fricker. In addition to the “Laden Classe” collective, he currently works with Emilia Taurisano’s “Tau” company (antipodism), and “La Sbrindola” street theatre company.

Lucia Granelli

Born in 1991. Chinese pole acrobat,
expert at hand-to-hand, banquine and Icarian games.

At 3 she started artistic gymnastics later taking part in competitions until the age of 12. She continued studying acrobatics until she was admitted to the Cirko Vertigo school (2010/12) and then moved to Brussels to continue her studies at the ESAC specialising in Chinese pole acrobatics (2012/15). Lucia worked as a flyer in Belgium, Holland and Switzerland prior to joining the Laden Classe Collective’s creative project.

Enrico Formaggi

Born in 1985. Hand-to-hand catcher, juggler,
tightrope walker and performer.

His interest in the circus arts dates back to 2009 when he started his training studying physical theatre, juggling and clowning. In 2010 he enrolled in the Galante Garrone School in Bologna. In 2012, Enrico took part in the Circo-Art project at Rome’s Tendastrisce theatre.
From 2012 to 2014, he attended the FLIC circus school specialising in hand-to-hand. Since 2013 he has worked with the Tandem Flop duo adopting the pseudonym Henri Camembert for his performances and shows. Enrico joined the Laden Classe project in 2015.

Javier Varela Carrera

Born in 1987. Martial arts specialist, acrobat/dancer,
juggler, trapeze artist and Cyr wheel acrobat.

He started studying martial arts (mainly Taekwondo) in 1998 gaining more than 15 years’ experience and taking part in world championships. Javier’s circus experience dates back to 2009 when he started working with the “Compagnia del Paso” as a trapeze artist, that took him on a three-year world tour. Javier subsequently continued his training at the FLIC circus school in Turin, Italy (2014/2015). He works performing a solo trapeze act and with the “Laden Classe” collective and the Virevolt French circus company.